Review - Americana UK - 7/10

Since releasing a couple of albums near a decade ago Swedish singer-songwriter Charlee Porter has maintained steadfast radio silence until this new four track EP. Which is a pity, as it’s an impressive outing that makes you want more, a lot more. The title track has something of the bruised yearning of Lucinda Williams, although the music is much more lush and of a straighter country ilk. The steady beat of ‘Oh Man’ follows while ‘Damn You For All The Heartache’ is as much of a beautiful old school country tearjerker as its title suggests. Things end all too soon with the upbeat, driving and deliciously hooky ‘On A Porch’.

For whatever reason there’s a lot of Scandinavian Americana talent out there and this set showcasing Charlee Porter adds her to a pretty illustrious list. She spreads across country styles and is good at all of them – can’t wait to see what comes next.

Welcome return from Swedish country singer-songwriter


Maria Bergkvist