Review - Americana UK - 7/10

Since releasing a couple of albums near a decade ago Swedish singer-songwriter Charlee Porter has maintained steadfast radio silence until this new four track EP. Which is a pity, as it’s an impressive outing that makes you want more, a lot more. The title track has something of the bruised yearning of Lucinda Williams, although the music is much more lush and of a straighter country ilk. The steady beat of ‘Oh Man’ follows while ‘Damn You For All The Heartache’ is as much of a beautiful old school country tearjerker as its title suggests. Things end all too soon with the upbeat, driving and deliciously hooky ‘On A Porch’.

For whatever reason there’s a lot of Scandinavian Americana talent out there and this set showcasing Charlee Porter adds her to a pretty illustrious list. She spreads across country styles and is good at all of them – can’t wait to see what comes next.

Welcome return from Swedish country singer-songwriter



Ride With Me opens with its title track, a gorgeous country song in which she urges us, “Come on, take this ride with me.” Hers is one of those voices that is just perfect for country; it’s beautiful and moving and friendly. “Because we dream of a little bit more in life, you and I.” This song has such a good feel about it, a song with an optimistic, positive sound, and I for one am ready and eager to take this ride with her. Charlee Porter follows that with “Oh Man,” which has a bit of a pop vibe, a full sound, and a really good and varied vocal performance. “It’s like giving in, not giving up.” I also really like that guitar part in the second half of the track.

“Damn You For All The Heartache” features a delicious, classic country sound, and is about a somewhat troubled relationship. Charlee certainly has a voice to make it work perfectly. I love this track. “I’ve been trying hard, hard to fix me/You say, ‘Hey, woman, you ain’t never getting it right.’” The EP then concludes with “On A Porch,” a lively number with a driving rhythm, about sneaking out of a home, out of a relationship. “I’m waiting for the sun to rise/Waiting for the morning light.” Oh, has leaving ever sounded so positive? We know from the sound of this song that she’s going to be all right. And maybe the same will be true for the rest of us. All of us here in the United States are waiting for the sun to rise, for the darkness to end so we can leave a certain horrible man far behind.


8/10 för denna aptitretande EP.

Maria Bergkvist